Intuitive Massage

A sacred experience of intuitive healing touch...

Welcome To My Website!

My name is Mahaya (Alina Sikorsky by birth). I am a Holistic Bodywork Practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher at Samatva Yoga Studio, offering intuitive massage sessions, yoga classes and workshops at our both, Downtown and West End locations, Kingston, On. Home visits are also an option.

What sets me apart from other practitioners is that each one of my bodywork sessions is a blend of a variety of  massage techniques, energy work, hot stones and, at times, vibrational sound healing and guided visualization. Combining the technical skills and strokes of massage with the healing energy work, I address not only address your physical issues, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual elements that contribute to physical imbalances.

With emphasis on nurturing and empathy, Intuitive Massage will gently guide you to your own inner healing, facilitating emotional release, mental clarity and an enhanced sense of strength and vitality. Feel the healing mechanisms of the body begin to emerge, as you the deepest levels of relaxation, harmony and inner peace.

Please take time to browse my website where you can learn more about the techniques I use, my services, special promotions and read my client reviews.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please, call or text me at 343-364-6480 or send me an e-mail.

Looking forward to be of service to you on your way to well being.

Mahaya Alina Sikorsky, Holistic Bodywork Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher.